Reading Room Rules

Our Reading Room Rules are designed to help preserve and protect our unique historical records, and to provide all visitors with a suitable environment to carry out their research.

What you need to bring

  • pencils
  • a small amount of loose paper
  • a notebook
  • you may bring a laptop computer/tablet
  • you may bring a digital camera

What you can’t bring

  • pens
  • folders
  • plastic sleeves
  • bags (handbags, laptop bags)
  • clipboards
  • containers of all kinds

Any of these items can be stored in a locker while you are in the Reading Room. 

BRAC takes no responsibility for the personal items of researchers.  Please take care of your valuables.

There is always a Bendigo Regional Archives Centre (BRAC) staff member in the Reading Room to provide assistance and to supervise use of the BRAC records.

Reading Room Rules

  • Visitors are asked to sign in and out when using the Reading Room.
  • There is no eating or drinking in the Reading Room so food and drinks are not permitted.  There is a cafe on the Bendigo Library ground floor.  There are also a range of cafés and shops nearby.
  • Telephone calls are not permitted in the Reading Room.  Please leave your mobile phone switched off in your locker, or if you take it into the reading room please make sure it is on silent and you do not take telephone calls.  You can use your mobile phone to take digital photographs.
  • No photocopies can be made of the BRAC records.
  • Digital photographs of records are permitted and you can bring a digital camera or use your mobile phone to take digital photographs.
  • You need to complete a use of digital camera form (available from staff in the Reading Room) in order to take photographs of records.
  • Copyright in relation to BRAC records needs to be discussed with BRAC staff.

When using the records we ask that you:

  • Do not remove the records from the designated area
  • Do not transfer records to another researcher
  • Do not rearrange the order of any records
  • Notify the BRAC staff member when you are finished with the records to ensure they are returned (as records ordered in your name become your legal responsibility until returned)
  • Please be mindful about closing time.  Orders for records need to be made at least 30 minutes prior to our 4.30pm closing time
  • Ensure you have clean dry hands free of lotions or any substance that may stain – please do not lick your fingers when turning pages

When handling the records we ask that you:

  • Handle original items with care
  • Do not place objects on or lean on the records
  • Do not mark the records, use pencil or any other kind of marker on the records
  • Please turn pages carefully
  • Please do not place ‘post it notes’, pencils, cardboard or other markers in the records to highlight them or keep your place, we have loose pieces of paper you can use
  • Please keep documents, maps and bundles in order – do not remove documents from bundles
  • When taking notes please use a pencil and your notebook, please don’t use a pen or mark the records

Visitors may want to subscribe to the BRAC mailing list.  BRAC staff will be glad to assist you to join.