Family & Local History

The Bendigo Regional Archives Centre (BRAC) has records for tracing ancestors and family history as well as local history.

The records for family history research include the Bendigo and other Districts Rates Books (listing names, addresses and sometimes occupations of residents from as early as 1856) and the Bendigo and Districts Court Records. 

Search for an Ancestor in 'Petitions of the People' with 284 petitions online dating 1870-1899. Search lists with 14,240 names to see if an ancestor of yours signed a petition and listed their address and occupation.

Find an ancestor, an address or an occupation in The Bendigo Historic Rates Index. You can search from 1856 through to 1903.  The Bendigo Rate Books list the following columns - Owner, Ratepayer (Occupier), Year, Address, Occupation, Rate number, Council Name or Subdivision. You can search the Historic Rates Index via the Goldfields Libraries website

See BRAC Records Lists for complete listings of the records available at BRAC.

There are more family history resources on the Goldfields Libraries website:

We also suggest researchers visit the Goldfields Research Centre (GRC) also located on the first floor of the Bendigo Library. This is an associated resource centre for family and local history research

Other Resources

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