W.C. Vahland

The presentation and slideshow about W.C. Vahland were created by Dr. Michele Matthews in May 2015.  These were created as part of a series of activities across Bendigo in 2015 to mark the centenary of the death of W.C. Vahland, Bendigo’s most prolific and insightful Architect.  His foot print appears in BRAC records such as the Nineteenth Century Correspondence, Minute books and Rate books.  

This is a pdf version of this slideshow presentation including the accompanying digitised images of BRAC records.

Vahland Digitised Records Slideshow PDF  2.1MB

This is a pdf version of the full presentation and notes, including a W.C. Vahland biography, the history of his works and life and references used to create the presentation.

'Vahland In the Archives' presentation notes PDF  454KB