Petitions 1870-1899

'Petitions of the People'

Petitions from Nineteenth Century Correspondence (1855-1899) to the City of Sandhurst (Bendigo) 

VPRS 16936

Why are 19th Century Petitions useful for Family History Research?

Petitions and the names of petitioners are useful because you can search for the name and sometimes address or occupation of an ancestor among Bendigo and districts petitioners from 1870-1899. 

You can search the lists of 14,240 names and download one of the 284 petitions that have been digitised. See if an ancestor of yours was community-minded and signed a petition, and see their original signature.  Each petition has been photographed. The petition, the names and signatures have been transcribed and typed.  

You can download and view the petitions and the lists of names. Watch this space as more petitions and names become available as they are digitised.

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Start Your Search

Step 1 - Click on the two lists of names to download them.

Step 2 - Use the Find function to find the name you want.  when you download the list or a petition, open the document then hold down the Control key and the letter F key (the find function) - a new window will appear - type in the name you are seeking and this should find the name in the document.

Step 3 - Match the Surname with a Petition Category and a Petition Date. Find the Petition Category and Date Reference (YYYYMMDD) in the far left, first column heading 'Category' and the second column heading 'Date'.   For example Aitken (Surname) Infrastructure (Category) 18710816 (date reference YYYYMMDD).

Step 4 - Return to the web page and Scroll down to Petition Categories.  Click on the Petition Category that is matched with the Surname in the lists of names.

Step 5 - Click on the Petition Category heading and a list of petitions in that category with a Date Reference will appear. Select the petition with the Date Reference that is matched with the Surname. Each Petition is identified by the individual date reference (YYYYMMDD). 

Step 6 - Click on the petition link to download it.

The downloaded petition has been saved in two sections. The first section is the typed version of the petition, and the names are typed as they are listed in the original document. Page numbers appear beside the typed names indicating which page of the photographed petition the name appears, NOT the page number of the PDF document as a whole.  The second part of the document has each photographed page of the original petition.

NOTE Some petitions will have a date such as 18710816 followed by a 1, or sometimes a 2 or a 3 (eg 187110816 2). This means that more than one petition arrived on that date.  Some petitions are followed by a number in brackets such as 18710816(4).  This means the petition has been split into a number of sections because it is too large to digitise and publish as a whole document.

Download PDF Names List 2013  6.8mb   This list of 10,977 names was transcribed in 2013

Download PDF Names List 2015  2.4mb   This list of 3,263 names was transcribed in 2015

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