Digital Records

The Bendigo Regional Archives Centre (BRAC) has Digital Records that you can view and download.


The 'Petitions of the People' project has digitised 284 petitions dating from 1870-1899.  These can be searched, viewed and downloaded. You can search for an ancestor or family name in one of the lists with 14,240 names transcribed from the original petitions. See an ancestor's original signature, and you might find an address and an occupation as well.


The WWI Kit compiles BRAC records that tell the story of civic responses to the declaration of war, Gallipoli, and the end of the war. There is a slide presentation with digital images of letters, memos, reports and pages from Council Minutes. There are also detailed overview notes with typed transcripts of minutes and correspondence.

W.C. Vahland Kit

This presentation about W.C. Vahland was created by Dr. Michele Matthews in May 2015.  It was part of a series of activities across Bendigo in 2015 to mark the centenary of the death of W.C. Vahland, Bendigo’s most prolific and eminent Architect.  His foot print appears in BRAC records such as the Nineteenth Century Correspondence, Minute books and Rate books. 

Future Digitisation

BRAC plans to undertake a range of digitisation projects. Over time more digitised records and collections will be available, so watch this space.

In this section:

  • Petitions 1870-1899
    Search for your ancestor or family name in a digitised petition from our 'Petitions of the People' project. See their original signature and find out a bit more about them. There are now 284 petitions dating from 1870-1899 to view and download. There are now 14,240 names available online to search.
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  • WWI Resource Kit
    Bendigo Regional Archives Centre presents a WWI Resource Kit for researchers. The kit includes resources and records reflecting civic responses to the declaration of war, Gallipoli, and the end of the war. The WWI Kit includes a slide presentation as well as digital images of 33 WWI related letters, memos, items of correspondence and pages from Council Minutes. There is also an accompanying document with overview notes and typed transcripts of the digital records.
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  • W.C. Vahland
    W.C. Vahland Presentation with images.
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