Order Records

There are two ways to order records from Bendigo Regional Archives Centre (BRAC).

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) Online Catalogue Orders OR

Direct Orders through BRAC.

Online Orders

Most of the BRAC records are Public Records which means they are overseen by the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV). These are listed online as part of the PROV Online Catalogue. The online BRAC records must be ordered through the PROV online catalogue.

Click on BRAC Guide 2 for a step by step guide to ordering your records by number online.  You will need to know what records you want to order and what the VPRS number is.

You can go to the PROV website and do a range of searches for records in the PROV Access the Collection section.

BRAC Guide 5 has steps to register as a PROV user so that you can order online.

Direct Orders through BRAC

A number of public records at BRAC have not yet been processed and listed on the PROV online catalogue. These must be ordered in person through BRAC. Speak to BRAC staff (ph 5449 2700) to find out about these records and how to order them, or email us at brac@ncgrl.vic.gov.au.

You can find the listing of the unprocessed records you can order through BRAC here at Local Government Records List.