Bendigo Regional Archives Centre (BRAC) is governed by three member parties being the Goldfields Library Corporation (GLC), the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) and the City of Greater Bendigo (CoGB).

Senior staff from these member parties sit on the BRAC Committee of Management which is responsible for administering BRAC operations, overseeing the BRAC budget and the BRAC Corporate Plan.

BRAC employs two part time staff, and BRAC operations are overseen by the Secretary of BRAC (also Co-ordinator of the Goldfields Research Centre). 

 Our Mission

  • Preserve our community’s records in their place of origin.
  • Provide access to our community’s records and encourage their use.
  • Build partnerships between government and the community.
  • Develop relationships that enable the sharing of community knowledge.

Our Aims

  • To collect, preserve and make available regional records of community and local interest.
  • To include records of state and local government, private industry, community groups and individuals.
  • To preserve records in their place of origin and make them accessible to all researchers.